Plan for Personal and Business Success: The Magic of the Compound Effect a recent event, I had the opportunity to hear Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, sharing key ideas from his latest book, The Compound Effect. I have to admit, I was blown away by his discussion of the principles he has employed throughout his career to achieve great success, such as owning a company producing $50 million a year in revenue by age twenty-seven!

Happily, much of what he shared is not rocket science! Turns out, it's the small, simple things, correctly done over and over again, that achieve huge results. Sometimes though, in our instant-gratification world, it's hard to wait long enough for our efforts to compound. That "waiting period" is when many folks give up on their dreams - but as you'll find out when you read Darren Hardy's book, specific core principles will drive your success, personally and in business. For Darren Hardy, and for you and me, it comes down to:• Choices - Do you make decisions that will take you to success, or just as easily, rob you of success?
• Habits - Do you have success routines or slothful habits?
• Momentum - When you're "on" do you keep going, or take a vacation?
• Influences - Are you listening to dream builders or dream stealers?
• Acceleration - Are you on fire or do you wait for "the right time"?

For many years, I've found that focusing on small, incremental changes over time in all aspects of my life has allowed me to achieve great things. I heartily recommend you read The Compound Effect. When you've implemented the simple steps he recommends, let me know how your business or life has changed! I know this works...I live each and every day that way.

0845 Numbers Can Tell Between Personal and Business Calls non-geographical numbers are widely known as local rate telephone numbers. This means that customers calling the 0845 number are only ever charged at the local rate. This works as an extremely cost effective way for the customer to keep in contact with the business and clearly provides an accessible route of contact for them should any problems arise.

This low cost method has transformed the way in which UK businesses; in particular smaller firms assess their needs when selecting a telephone number for their business. The benefits of 0845 numbers are applicable to both the customer calling the number and the business who owns the number.

Benefits of 0845 numbers for business;

- When diverted to a landline number the owner of an 0845 number receives calls for free.
- Customers are charged at a local rate to contact the company.
- They can provide a home based business a higher level of security and privacy by offering a low cost alternative to advertising personal telephone numbers.
- 0845 numbers can be redirected by the number provider to a different destination to ensure calls are not missed.
- 0845 numbers can move with the business and are not restricted to a certain area. This may save the businesses time and money if the company decided to expand or relocate.
- 0845 numbers can offer a business a national presence by not restricting business opportunities to local areas within the country.

0845 numbers also offer a range of added features which can help to enhance the productivity of a business. One of the most valued added features which can be used in conjunction with an 0845 number is a Call Whisper Service.

The Call Whisper service can be used to tell what telephone number has been dialed even before the call has been answered. If a call whisper service is added to an 0845 number you can set a recording (whisper) to be played whenever a call comes in from a certain number. A message is played when the call is answered at which point the caller continues to hear ringing.

This service is a fantastic tool used to distinguish between callers who have dialed the publicized business numbers or those who have called you directly.

This feature works particularly well for smaller businesses who have their 0845 number set to ring at their mobile phone or home landline. It means that the person answering the call can distinguish whether the call is a business call or a personal call or when answering the phone. The technology works brilliantly by enabling the phone to be answered in a professional manner for all business calls.

Step by Step Guide to a Call Whisper;

• When a customer dials your 0845 you hear a short recorded message or "whisper" when you pick up the phone

• A recorded the message is then played which can either give the business name if you have multiple companies running under one site or can simply state it is a call for the " 0845 number" or a "business call"

• The person calling you doesn't hear the whisper

• The Call Whisper can differentiate between personal and business call
• You will always answer your calls in the most effective way for your business

0845 numbers have proven to work well in the development of a business. The easy to remember numbers and added features available work as a huge advantage to the business by creating revolutionary aids for the day to day running of the business. The call whisper service can be an invaluable feature alongside the 0845 number to ensure all calls are answered in a professional and consistent way.

The author of this article is Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company. Jemma is a leading authority on the subject of UK 0845 numbers. Jemma's website also covers other product lines including 0844 and 0845 numbers.

Achieving Personal and Business Success: What's Holding You Back? people would say they want to achieve personal and business success, but the fact is that many of them are being held back by limiting beliefs and a sense of helplessness.

Since overcoming limiting beliefs is important for personal development, let's illustrate the concept with a story. Have you heard of the traditional method for training circus elephants?

If you had a baby elephant, you could chain its leg to a stake in the ground, and it would be too small to escape. At first, it would pull hard against the chain, but it would gradually give up, accepting that the chain restricted its movement.

Eventually, the elephant would grow into a powerful adult weighing 6 to 8 tons, big enough to easily snap the silly chain, yet it would never try. After growing up with the belief that a chain around its leg meant it couldn't escape, the elephant wouldn't even believe it could break a string tied to a buried stick.

That's a limiting belief. It's something that you believe even though it is not only false, but actually holding you back from further personal development.

In some ways, we are all like old-fashioned circus elephants. We learned many of our limiting beliefs when we were children, too. But we are also strong enough to break our chains.

One fundamental limiting belief that holds many people back is the idea that they are powerless to change the future. These people, who believe they are at the mercy of fate, have what is called an external locus of control.

A person's locus of control influences whether they think they are in charge of the events in their lives. This is a key concept in the field of personal development because it controls how a person interprets virtually everything that happens to them.

For example, a businesswoman with a high internal locus of control would believe she was in control of her destiny and her business success. If she were struggling with money, she would say it was because she hadn't made the best financial decisions so far. If she were doing well financially, she would say it was because of her hard work and efforts.

On the other hand, a businesswoman with a high external locus of control would think that outside forces determined her future. If she were struggling with business success and money, she might blame the economy, her competitors, her industry, the government, her education, her parents, supernatural forces, or luck-in short, anything but herself. And yet, if she became financially successful, she would attribute this to one or more of those same forces, even if they were the same ones she had blamed before.

Neither outlook can be proven to be right or wrong, but studies have shown that having an internal locus of control is linked to higher career satisfaction and better work performance. It makes sense-you're more likely to maintain a positive attitude and work hard if you think you're in charge of your own personal and business success.

So, do you feel you have limiting beliefs that have chained you down? Would you say you have an internal or external locus of control?

In short, what's holding you back? a personal development and business success coach, I strongly believe in eliminating limiting beliefs and taking personal responsibility for one's success. If you want to work on ditching the mindset that is holding you back and develop an internal locus of control, I can help you from the comfort of your own home with my Get What You Want coaching. This program will show you the benefits of an empowered attitude and help you take full control of your life.

Personal and Business Coaching: Considerations for Hiring a Coach you are interested in Personal and Business Coaching to improve your own and your business performance you are on to a good idea. Nevertheless, consider some of these issues before engaging a personal and business coaching.

Coaching should have a Strategic Focus and hold you accountable, to consistently focus on your strategy, and provide expert*help with strategic decisions. The primary focus should be on the overall business system, and whether it will continue to deliver results well into the future. This requires that every part of the business is managed so that long term goals and plans are prepared and implemented, while profitability and cash flow is maintained.

Will your coach adopt the following approach:

1. Big Picture and long term view

2. Key Results (Profit, Sales)

3. The business as a system

4. Is the system working and delivering results?

Ensure that the coach demonstrates the skills you will need. A simple presentation of what can be done is not good enough. For personal and business coaching to work well your coach needs to demonstrate expertise in a way that you will benefit, and in such a way that it is suitable to your personal preferences and needs. Ideally your coach will also focus on how you will achieve success in life, not just in business, by working on your own dreams, goals, skills and habits. The following are some of the points you should expect your coach to focus on:

1. Reflection and balance in the goal you set

2. Clarity of purpose and goals

3. What is working and what is not working? Simple but this requires a good understanding and insight into what you consider important.

4. What will work better?

5. Happiness, fulfillment, excitement, enthusiasm., you may want to achieve a business goal, but life is about more than business or a successful career. It should also be about getting what you really want. Start asking what you really want out of life, focusing on happiness. Balance yourself by considering and acting on your Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Material well-being. At the same time balance the important parts of your life - Family, Friends, Social, and Business/Work/Career.

Imagine how different our lives could be if we manage ourselves each day to be and do what really matters most. That is what personal and business coaching should deliver, not just a focus on business goals such as sales and profit, but on goals that enrich your life.

Lastly, negotiate a monthly fee and no upfront payment. That enables you to stop the coaching if it does not deliver what you expect. However, if you wait till the time or the season is just right, or for the perfect coach, you will never start personal and business coaching. Give it a go and start taking progressive action on the aspects that are important to you.

Achieve Personal and Business Success - Take Action and Succeed! you afraid of personal and business success? Fear- both real and imaginary-has been identified as one huge hindrance to success. It is one of the reasons many of us still continue to live small, shallow lives, a life lacking in the satisfaction and excitement that comes from trying new things. There can be no joy in the life of someone living in fear.

And the fears are many-the fear of success, the fear of failure, of being wrong, being insignificant, or just not being good enough. Whatever the type of fear, it freezes and paralyses imagination and resourcefulness. Further, fear easily permeates every fiber of your being and impacts your life in ways you may not be fully aware of.

All fears are based on thoughts, which in turn are functions of a person's experiences or expectations. What happens is that when you allow your mind to wander or constantly dwell on negative expectations, a pattern of thought is created in your mind which makes you to imagine only worst-case scenarios. Now, because you are made to think that the worst would happen if you act, you become afraid to act.

And the doom you've fantasized on your mind hovers as a thick gloom which prevents you from thinking clearly or taking action. So fear paralyzes a person, and stops one from doing what actually result in success!

Now, If you want to improve your circumstances in life and move beyond your stuck points, you'll need to become aware of your fears and how they control you and limit your reach. Yes, it's one thing to be afraid, but it's quite another to let that fear run your life. Fortunately you have a choice in the matter: you can decide to run your life yourself or let fear run things for you.

The first key to overcoming your fears is to learn to unearth and challenge them. This way, you can choose new, supportive thoughts and take different actions. You can choose to act in spite of the fear you are feeling. If you decide to reach out and take action despite your fears, you will discover that fears are really thin and weak. What happens is that the moment you confront your worst fears, they behave like those distant cloud that fade away as they 'see' you approaching! And you know what?

Any situation you've once faced and successfully overcome no longer scares you. Isn't that true? But it is also true that if fear holds you back from taking action, every little hindrance will continue to wear a big shadow, appearing like a huge obstacle. Because not dealing with issues that you are unable or unwilling to face invariably causes complexity and stress to you and your balance in life.

So now the choice is yours, really.

Another tested method for overcoming fears is talking your fears over with someone who truly cares about your feelings. But note that the emphasis is, not on who you talk to, but on talking out your fears at all. Yes, it's been proven that simply talking about fears reduces their effects on a person. The thing is that the moment you openly discuss your worst fears with someone, the fears begins to appear less intimidating.

Confronting one's fears can be tough. But doing so brings many rich rewards. For every small part of your fear that you conquer, new opportunities will suddenly spring up where obstacles previously existed. So really, by you taking action in spite of your fears means that you can give yourself a fair chance to succeed in any endeavor that you take on. a Network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business everyday... Learning these MLM Marketing Secrets can help you Explode your MLM business.

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