0845 Numbers Can Tell Between Personal and Business Calls

http://amanderotica.blogspot.com/0845 non-geographical numbers are widely known as local rate telephone numbers. This means that customers calling the 0845 number are only ever charged at the local rate. This works as an extremely cost effective way for the customer to keep in contact with the business and clearly provides an accessible route of contact for them should any problems arise.

This low cost method has transformed the way in which UK businesses; in particular smaller firms assess their needs when selecting a telephone number for their business. The benefits of 0845 numbers are applicable to both the customer calling the number and the business who owns the number.

Benefits of 0845 numbers for business;

- When diverted to a landline number the owner of an 0845 number receives calls for free.
- Customers are charged at a local rate to contact the company.
- They can provide a home based business a higher level of security and privacy by offering a low cost alternative to advertising personal telephone numbers.
- 0845 numbers can be redirected by the number provider to a different destination to ensure calls are not missed.
- 0845 numbers can move with the business and are not restricted to a certain area. This may save the businesses time and money if the company decided to expand or relocate.
- 0845 numbers can offer a business a national presence by not restricting business opportunities to local areas within the country.

0845 numbers also offer a range of added features which can help to enhance the productivity of a business. One of the most valued added features which can be used in conjunction with an 0845 number is a Call Whisper Service.

The Call Whisper service can be used to tell what telephone number has been dialed even before the call has been answered. If a call whisper service is added to an 0845 number you can set a recording (whisper) to be played whenever a call comes in from a certain number. A message is played when the call is answered at which point the caller continues to hear ringing.

This service is a fantastic tool used to distinguish between callers who have dialed the publicized business numbers or those who have called you directly.

This feature works particularly well for smaller businesses who have their 0845 number set to ring at their mobile phone or home landline. It means that the person answering the call can distinguish whether the call is a business call or a personal call or when answering the phone. The technology works brilliantly by enabling the phone to be answered in a professional manner for all business calls.

Step by Step Guide to a Call Whisper;

• When a customer dials your 0845 you hear a short recorded message or "whisper" when you pick up the phone

• A recorded the message is then played which can either give the business name if you have multiple companies running under one site or can simply state it is a call for the " 0845 number" or a "business call"

• The person calling you doesn't hear the whisper

• The Call Whisper can differentiate between personal and business call
• You will always answer your calls in the most effective way for your business

0845 numbers have proven to work well in the development of a business. The easy to remember numbers and added features available work as a huge advantage to the business by creating revolutionary aids for the day to day running of the business. The call whisper service can be an invaluable feature alongside the 0845 number to ensure all calls are answered in a professional and consistent way.

The author of this article is Jemma Fox of The 0845 Number Company. Jemma is a leading authority on the subject of UK 0845 numbers. Jemma's website also covers other product lines including 0844 and 0845 numbers.