Get Your Business Ready for Tax Time - The End of Financial Year end of the financial year is an extremely important period for all pharmacy business owners. It is a time to understand your financial position as well as plan for the year ahead. If you did not have any accurate monthly financial reports last year, now is the best time to start.

The best way to begin is by organizing your bookkeeping systems and financial procedures in order to ensure that you maximize returns and have full control over your pharmacy. This is a critical part of running a successful business.The majority of time business owners, especially pharmacists who work long hours, do not have the available time to accurately organize their financial papers. A bookkeeper however, can help you improve and make the job easy and painless. Generally, bookkeepers are able to take care of all the paperwork and manage the payroll.

Generating and understanding financial rations can be a complicated process. For this reason, it is important to seek a bookkeeper's advice when it comes to analysing your business performance. Bookkeepers are able to give the business owner monthly accurate financial figures and rations in an easy to understand format with an explanation. This whole process can be linked to the pharmacy industry as a whole, which enables you to see how your pharmacy compares with the rest.

There are bookkeepers that specialize in the pharmacy industry, who have the means and experience to further assist pharmacy owners. These specialists know everything regarding pharmacy bookkeeping, from specific suppliers (API, Sigma, Pfizer), to pharmacy wage awards to dealing with service trusts. They are able to deal with processes that pharmacies require, easily and correctly.

Director of a bookkeeping firm, Anatole Kabov says that, "most bookkeepers are unaware of how to process invoices correctly in order to receive the full GST amount back. Entering forward charges can be a complicated process that not all bookkeepers might be familiar with."

Most importantly, bookkeeping specialists are able to identify specific areas to claim back GST and tax. Understanding which monthly adjustments are required in order to generate 100% accurate financial reports for pharmacy owners, banks and accountants. Expertise in these areas is something that general bookkeepers may not be aware of. Anatole says that bookkeepers should "work with the majority of banks in providing financial figures for quarterly reviews... advise clients of specific financial changes to the pharmacy industry, such as wage awards."
The End of the Financial Year is only around the corner, and keeping these tips in mind, businesses as a whole, can see why it is essential to seek professional advice during tax time. Having a professional help with your tax returns is an essential way to make sure you maximize on your returns- making sure that the new financial year is more successful than the last.