Preparing a Mobile Car Wash Business Plan Based On Operational Assumptions is important to have a business plan no matter what type of business you are planning. Indeed, even something as benign and simple as a mobile car washing company needs a business plan, and special attention paid to the planning process. Not long ago, I was having just such a conversation with a start-up entrepreneur.

He didn't happen to be from this country, but that hardly matters with regards to having a business plan, the only difference being the numbers and operating costs, and revenue assumptions will be different, based on his country, not mine here in the Great United States of America.

Okay so, let's discuss some concept here. First, he has to decide if he wants to go mobile, or park in a parking structure, or mall to wash cars. Let's say he goes for a fixed location, such as a mall parking lot but he decides to work off a small trailer or out of a van or pickup. Well then, if he gets a location at a mall, that's good, but it is going to take you about 3-months to really get it going.

Mobile is nice because you can pick the best spots. At a mall you might be there all day in the corner and only do a few vehicles, until people learn you are there, over time it turns out to be good, but starting out is very difficult, and it takes a long time to get it built up., a mall will want a fixed price and/or a percentage of profit, any financially savvy mall operator knows he cannot trust a percentage, it's too hard to keep track of so they will want a fixed fee for use of the space. Mall owners and property management companies are not stupid with finances or business, thus, that's what I'd expect. Be fair and honest, and you'd find it to be lucrative for both, but realize it takes a little while to build up the business.

If you are setting up a business plan and borrowing spread sheets from another operation, then realize that your actual results will be much different, so, they will only be relevant to give you ideas, and assist in preparing your own. Still, it pays to review all the relevant information available from where ever you can dig it up as to not be blind sided with costs you hadn't considered. Indeed, I hope you will think on this and make a power plan for your new company.