Internet Marketing Education Using CarbonCopyPro (A Legitimate Home Business Opportunity) today's roller coaster economy more and more people are forced to supplement or replace their income to secure or maintain their current existence. A great majority of them want to establish a home based business.

It has a great appeal because it is not a 9 to 5 job, you are your own boss' your hours are flexible etc.

Among the many choices Internet Marketing is one of the possibilities people are looking at.

Early this year Forbes Magazine predicted that in 2011 75 million home based businesses will start in North America. They also predicted that only 2.3 million ( 3% ) will survive.

Someone must be very careful to choose the right home based business. I myself tried several others before I came upon CCPro and committed myself to it.

So what is CCPro?

CCPro is an Internet marketing education and resources method and is the very best in the planet. Whether you choose to market your own product or one of CCPros, everything you need is there in your BlackBox (what you have to purchase to join) to build a successful business for yourself.

CCPro operates within a unique business model where members are encouraged to share their knowledge with one another in the belief that this will ensure the success of everyone within the community. This approach has proven enormously successful as the achievements of CCPro and its members continue to multiply.

This is why becoming a CCPro member requires both an application and a referral from an already existing member.

As of recently CCPro is available in 175 countries and 42 languages.

In the past few months CCPro established a partnership with David Bach a multiple New York Times best selling author. The result was of the introduction of two new products:

1.) AutomaticMillionaireInternational (AMI ) by David Bach

2.) PRO U AMI and PRO U are product oriented, not business opportunity oriented. introductory product - the AMI Foundation membership - is for people who want to finish rich - that is, to learn how to manage their money and accumulate a net worth of at least a million dollars in a given period of time - while continuing at their present jobs or occupations.

PRO U is like your new online learning university. It creates an environment that lets you learn quickly and easily, and gives you the confidence to put your newly acquired skills to work. Published on the same platform that Fortune 500 companies use, PRO U courses are designed to educate to create a successful home business and to teach anyone who wishes to learn how to market anything, anywhere, to anybody - via the internet.